In 2017, Maison Numéro 12 is launched.

I started to imagine jewels, creations, because I found that women's jewellery had become sad, monotonous and tasteless. At the time, I was living a very traced life...a good job, a beautiful Parisian apartment...but it all bored me!

April 2017, the big jump.

I leave my job as manager and decide to go and open my shop in Siracusa, Sicily. Why? I still don't know why, I had only spent one night in this city a few months before! It's a blank page, there's everything to do, and I'm alone! I'm embarking on my project with 12 workshops and suppliers who are still following us! The name is found it will be "Maison Numéro 12" like the 12 months of the year, like my day and month of birth and like the 12 designers who have in common the craftsmanship, the know-how, the love of handmade work and the desire to make the Woman even more beautiful.

The rest is thanks to you!

You were there from day one, full of enthusiasm for our creations. You have made us evolve and each season you are there and always surprised by our new products. This bond of trust established over the years and for us our driving force!

Thanks to you, in 2021, our Home Design Collection is launched! We are so exciting to grow up and hope you will love it!
We will write the rest...


Some things to now about us...

At Maison Numéro 12, our jewels are all handmade in Europe (Greece, France and Italy). We can therefore guarantee you an incomparable quality, a close relationship with our designers and workshops as well as a "made in Europe" which is particularly important to us.

Fighting global warming and short circuits are for us a very important and civic act.

To shop differently, to privilege the small brands, the craftsmen, this is what Maison Numéro 12 can offer you!