Care instructions

EFIA Necklace - Maison Numéro 12

Our jewels are designed and then totally handmade in ours responsible workshops, located in Paris - France, Greece and Italy. 


Our ambition: to give meaning and value back to jewellery. That is why we have chosen our materials with care. We work with Brass,925 Silver, Bronze, Staineless Steel, Aluminium, Cords and so much more!


To take care of your jewelry, we have listed a series of "do's & don'ts". 

Whether it is made of Gold or Silver plated brass, bronze, staineless steel... we advise you to follow the following methods to preserve the shine of your jewel:

- Always store your jewellery in its individual pocket to protect it from shocks and rubbing. 

- Avoid any contact with water or alcohol (hello hydroalcoholic gel). Don't forget to remove your jewellery before washing or showering. Only stainless steel jewels doesn't tarnish under water!

- To restore the shine to your jewellery, we recommend cleaning it from time to time with a slightly damp sponge and then drying it immediately with a clean cloth. We recommend that you do not clean your jewellery too often to avoid premature wear of the gold layer.

- Silver jewellery can be cleaned with silver cleaning products sparingly.

ULTIMATE TOP TIP: Avoid tangled necklaces by leaving the clasp on the outside of the pouch when closing it. Jewellery always tangles from the ends.

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