Trend 2020 - Maison Numéro 12

Trend 2020

Posted by Benjamin Godard on

This new season that is coming up will be full of surprises! Our designers have taken the big 2020 trends and have created an incredible collection, and here's a preview of the new season!

  • The first big trend that was already present last year, is the aquatic universe and more specifically the seashell, which is worn this season in an XXL version!

  • Second trend of the season...wildlife and all its animals! Tigers, snakes, panthers...nature takes back its rights and you will feel ready to roar


  • Third strong trend of the season at Maison Numéro 12, the chains which intertwine in XXL version for a superb result as well as semi-precious stones full of power!

  • The aquatic theme is an obsession at Maison Numéro 12 and this season you'll find again and again beautiful pieces inspired by this universe in sublime colours!

And off course much more...

Tell us what do you think about this preview SS2020 Collection! We are so excited...we can't wait to show you more!!!

Maison Numéro 12 Team

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